How To Chose The Best Premium Theme For Your WordPress Website

Select The Best Theme For Your Website

If you want to build a WordPress website and looking to select the best theme for your website then read this article carefully.

Here I explained the best methods to chose the best WordPress theme to build your website which is secure, faster, and can fulfill your all needs with a unique and wonderful look.

Where to buy WordPress Premium Themes?

First of all, you have to keep in mind that always you have to buy any premium themes from the original seller.

Like if you want to buy the Avada theme then you have to buy it from ThemeForest. Because only ThemeForest sells the Avada theme officially.

And if you want to buy the Divi theme then you have to go to Never buy a theme from a third-party seller. If you want to save money then use a free theme but if you want to use a premium theme then you must buy that theme from the original sellers.

It is important because if you buy any theme from a third-party seller, that can be malicious and as a result, your site will be at risk and you can lose your all data.

There are many WordPress theme sellers available on the internet. I will describe everything with ThemeForest. Because the ThemeForest is the best and you can get everything in one place here.

Explore the answer to these questions:

  1. What is the purpose of your website?
  2. Which functionality do you need to achieve your goal?

What is the purpose of your website?

Find out the purpose of your website.

Which types of websites you want to build?
Do you want to build a simple blog or company website?
Or do you want to sell products there?
Or do you want to build an online learning platform?

Which functionality do you need?

If you know what you exactly want to do then check if your theme does have that functionality or not.

Like if you want to build a simple blog website then check which theme provides the best functionality and design for a blog site.

And if you want to build an online learning platform then check if your theme does have LMS (Learning Management System) functionality or not.

Keep in mind Theme is for design and plugins for the functionality. Maximum premium themes provide premium plugins with their theme.

But if they don’t provide then check if it is compatible with that specific plugin or not. Sometimes you can be needed to buy that specific plugin to achieve your goal.

Now you know what you need to achieve your goal. Let’s see few more things to make it more perfect.


Check if your theme is responsive on all devices or not. You can check it by viewing their demo on various devices or you can check it using your desktop browser’s developer option.

This is important because you will get maximum visitors from smartphones. So, your website should work on every device.

Page Builder

Your theme should be compatible with a popular visual page builder so that you can design and customize your website easily. Visual page builder will allow you to design any type of layouts without coding knowledge.

Browser Compatibility

Check if your theme is compatible with all modern browsers or not. You can check it in the same way by visiting theme demo from various modern browsers.

WordPress Version Compatibility

Your theme must be compatible with the latest version of WordPress. For security reasons, you can’t use an older version of WordPress, and if it is not compatible with the latest version of WordPress then your site won’t work properly.

Common Plugins Compatibility

Your theme must be compatible with a few common plugins like bbPress, BuddyPress, Easy Digital Downloads, Events Calendar, Gravity Forms, WooCommerce, WPML, W3 Total Cache, etc.

Translation Ready

If you are focusing to publish your website in only one language then it doesn’t matter.

But if you want to publish in various languages then it should be translation ready. Otherwise, you have to face a lot of problems when you will go to publish in a different language.

Last Update Date

You must check when they updated their theme last time. So that you can understand if they are active and working on their theme to improve it or make it more perfect or not.

Documentation, Resources, and Support

Your theme must have well-documented documentation. So that everyone can customize and use their theme by following their documentation.

And if you have a look on then you can see the resources like videos, articles, documentation for each of the elements of their theme. You also should get this opportunity with your theme.

Author’s Reputation and Reviews

You must check the reviews and ratings of that theme and author. If you see most of the customers are happy then you should go for it.

Keep in mind nothing is perfect in this world so you have to find out the best author who has a good reputation and who is working hard to make their product the best.